Irish AIR at Milan World EXPO 2015

By October 26, 2013 World EXPO No Comments

How do we communicate what it is to be Irish? More than that, how do we communicate what it is to be of Ireland?

In 2015, ARTlifeCULTURE, in keeping with the company’s ethos of excellence and innovation in collaborative international youth arts initiatives, will present Irish Resilient Youth, our best and most precious resource, nourished and fed by our most vital sustainable energy; our AIR.

What if the AIR of a place defines the psyche of its people? What if home is where our AIR is?

Might it be possible to capture the feel, the light, the space, the cool freshness, the white noise, the atmosphere, the magnetism, the incidental soundscape of Irish AIR?

Might it be possible to represent it, in Ireland Pavilions at World EXPOs and invite an international audience to experience it and to experience our resilient youth in it?

AIR or Atmospheric Irish Recitals is a multi-media arts installation with live youth performance in preparation for the Ireland Pavilion at Milan World EXPO 2015.

The once famine village of Cill Rialaig in County Kerry, Ireland, has been identified and confirmed as the creative location for AIR.

This almost sacred place represents all that is quintessentially Irish and will be featured visually, aurally and emotionally as the source for this unique international youth arts programme.

A combined youth and professional creative team comprising of singers, sound artists, sound technicians, photographers, film crew, and even consulting physicist will retreat to Cill Rialaig in 2014 to create AIR for Milan World EXPO 2015.

And as this programme continues to develop, we will continue to keep you posted.