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Singing in Irish AiR is different to singing in any other air the world over. Is it possible to communicate more than the spirit of our people, more than the songs of our place? What if the AiR of a place defines the psyche of its people? What if home is where our AiR is?

How can we, as international youth artists and cultural ambassadors, communicate Irish AiR? How can we capture the feel, the light, the space, the cool freshness, the white noise, the atmosphere, the magnetism, the familiar soundscape that is Irish AiR?

In AiR, songs and rhythms from the traditional repertoire have been weaved through newly composed technological soundscapes and framed by a multi-media installation of Irish soundscapes, cinematography, stills photography and youth participants’ expressions.

Irish International Youth and ARTlifeCULTURE’s multi-media team have created AiR through their determination and dedication and specifically their shared artist-in-residence experience in the once-famine-village perched high on Bolus Head in County Kerry.

Together they have shared their respect and responsibility for our land, our heritage and our people and have affirmed their resilience as knowing global citizens. They have realised this with their art, life and culture in AiR.

AiR an Atmospheric Irish Recital, a multi-media arts installation with live vocal choral youth performance, is aimed for the Ireland Pavilion at Milan World EXPO 2015.

It is produced by ARTlifeCULTURE and supported by the Arts Council and the Environmental Protection Agency.