Our Most Precious Resource

By January 11, 2015 World EXPO No Comments

As concept designer and director of AiR it has been my fundamental aim to present our resilient Irish youth as our most precious resource to a global audience at a suitably themed Milan World EXPO 2015 ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. More than this it has been my vision and mission that the creative process of our Atmospheric Irish Recital serve to deepen our love and respect for our land, our people and our culture, and increase our awareness and understanding of our personal and shared responsibility to our planet.

To this end, Ireland, our ‘Irishness’ and our place in the world, respect and responsibility and our much-needed resilience for the challenges which lie ahead, have been placed at the heart of the creative process.

AiR has been a ‘thinking’ international youth arts programme. We have minimised our negative impact on our environment. We have undertaken that our promotional printing for Milan World EXPO 2015 be prepared with solvent free inks on sustainably sourced paper products. We have worked to find like-minded, responsible, respecting and resilient, creative individuals and we have been successful in doing so. 

AiR and specifically Irish International Youth have been dressed by Irish Designer, Emma Manley. Emma is proud to produce 70% of her products in Ireland. Her fabrics are of the highest quality and her focus is on sustainable natural fibres, wool, cashmere, silk and leather, sourced from reputable fabric mills in Ireland, the UK and Italy. Emma draws her inspiration from Ireland, from Irish landscapes and the people that occupy them. Her designs, inspirations, ethos and practices have proven a perfect fit for AiR. 

AiR was first inspired by the dramatic personality of the Wild Atlantic Way. Through the artist-in-residence process in Cill Rialaig Artists’ Retreat, we first developed the concept and creative elements and later combined to create our multi-media arts installation.

An Atmospheric Irish Recital, our concept and mission, have been appropriately supported and championed by the Environmental Protection Agency. We are both strengthened and honoured by their association.

Our shared experience of the great gift of our land and the rich heritage of our culture has deepened each participants’ respect and responsibility and has grown our esteem in our ability and strength for the future. AiR has nurtured a resilient Irish youth.

Realising AiR for a global audience and presenting our youth with the sights and sounds of our natural environment on a world stage completes our process: Irish resilient youth in an Atmospheric Irish Recital at the Ireland Pavilion at Milan World EXPO 2015. This World EXPO experience will allow each participant to better appreciate our country and origin in a global context and will further compel us to embrace our role to nourish our planet through our energy for life.

AiR an Atmospheric Irish Recital, a multi-media arts installation with live acappella youth performance, is aimed for the Ireland Pavilion at Milan World EXPO 2015. It is produced by ARTlifeCULTURE and supported by the Arts Council and the Environmental Protection Agency.