Power and Responsibility

By September 20, 2013 New Challenges No Comments

I love my work.

I am responsible for initiating, designing, developing and delivering international youth arts programmes around the world. I enjoy the great challenge of creating unique opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for young people. I enjoy the great honour of working with our most precious resource, and in guiding the next generations in their love and respect for the arts, for themselves and for their distinctive cultural heritages.

I live a charmed life surrounded by young, hopeful and enthusiastic faces. I am privileged to share their happiness, their fear, their triumphs, their energy and their joy, and every day I am grateful.

Still I have known the power of great guidance, the pure strength of positive encouragement and each day I am acutely aware of the vulnerability of our young people, disarmed by their gratitude and trusting hope.

With great power comes great responsibility and I continue to challenge myself and those who work with me to ensure that we remain worthy.